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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers

Globalization, continuously increasing competition, and growing business volumes, with shrinking profit margins all make it crucial that companies use their available resources more efficiently and manage their business processes more effectively.  
Cash flow and financial risk management, flawless cost and managerial accounting, management of purchase orders and deliveries, along with their logistics, inventory management that achieves the highest ROI, quantitative analyses to understand the needs of retail and wholesale customers, and sale and after-sale services to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction are some of the basic functions that all commercial operations require.  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications that companies use to achieve efficiency in their business processes are becoming an absolute necessity, rather than just another factor that gives them competitive advantage.  
Preferred by industry leaders, Nebim V3 is the ideal ERP solution that answers all these needs. 
Nebim V3 ERP, a result of Nebim's vast experience in retail since 1966, offers integrated and seamless operation of all business procedures, from start to end - preventing mistakes, enabling accountability and confident decision making, strengthening corporate data integration through departmental interaction, all accelerating the corporate development process for companies.
Integrated across the board
From supply of raw materials to retail sales operations, seamlessly integrated business processes, all managed on the same platform
Ready for Change and Growth
Parametric configuration and high degree of modularization enables agility for business process modeling
Easy to Adapt
Ease of use enables quick adaptation by key users

Nebim V3: Integrated Across the Board

ERP that provides retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers with an end to end solution to run all essential business processes

From planning to purchasing, manufacturing to delivery, multi channel sales operations; all business functions that are required by a retailer, wholesaler or a manufacturer are covered by Nebim V3, from start to end.
Requirements of retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies with multichannel organizations and multinational operations, have been considered while designing the business procedures and functions of Nebim V3. Nebim uses a common platform to develop its applications and incorporates all functions required by different users working in offices, factories and retail outlets - both back and front office (POS). In addition, the management of sales, inventory, and even accounting functions of partnering companies, all on the same ERP platform, are supported by Nebim V3.

Nebim V3 achieves this functionality through its modular, but seamlessly integrated application structure. Unlike some ERP solutions, that achieve partial integrity through periodic "batch" data transfers, Nebim V3 is fully integrated because all applications run on the same platform; all version updating is done simultaneously. This ensures real time data integrity among departments, and also reduces total cost of ERP ownership.

Nebim V3: Ready for Change and Growth

ERP that easily adapts to the growth of companies

In today’s business environment, macroeconomic conditions are constantly changing, management of competition and new risks cannot be avoided, productive use of resources is a necessity and new opportunities become prominent every day. In such an environment, “Change and Growth” are inevitable.
Nebim V3’s modular structure and its versions, answer the needs of companies who have a great vision, but at the same time want to start their ERP project with appropriately small steps.

Nebim V3 enables parametric product category management, parametric company, channel, region, office, business partner, store, warehouse coding and direct online connection of business partners to the same platform, and finally parametric definition of business functions, such as purchasing and shipment, in accordance with specific requirements of the company. This ability of Nebim V3 gives companies the agility they need from their ERP system while they are expanding their business.

For instance, thanks to Nebim V3, a simple manufacturing company with wholesale outlets can later start retail operations by opening its own stores; can start managing the financing, sale and inventories of its business partners through franchise agreements; can become a multichannel operation by starting its international operations; and finally it can evolve into a multi-company, multi-product firm by adding new products to its portfolio and by changing its brand strategy.  Nebim V3 can easily adapt to the evolving company during this full lifecycle of growth and change, and it will enable continuous efficiency in the use of business resources, without losing corporate data integrity.

Nebim V3: Easy to Adapt

ERP that is easy to migrate to

Nebim V3 is developed as a response to the needs of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers who are industry leaders. Nebim's partnerships, its vast experience and industry know how, since 1966, are important factors contributing  to Nebim V3's development. As a result, Nebim V3 offers many functions required by retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers in a parametric manner. All applications within Nebim V3 are fully integrated and can function seamlessly. Nebim V3's parametric configuration, high degree of modularization, comprehensive functionality along with its integrated structure makes it easy for a company to start its new ERP implementation. Compared to other ERP solutions, the need for customization is kept to a minimum with Nebim V3.  Nebim V3's practical user interfaces and extensive reporting abilities also contribute to its successful adaptation.  These elements enable the key users to accept the new application easily during the transition period to a new ERP system.  Detailed analysis of the needs of the companies, correct formulation of business processes, optimal implementation of the parametric settings of the application in accordance with the priorities of the company, data transfer from the current system into the new ERP system, training for users and acceptance of the system by its users are key elements in the success of a new ERP implementation project. Nebim developed the "Nebim Project Implementation Methodology", which is optimized for Nebim V3 to answer such requirements. Nebim consultants, equipped with this method, guide companies through all phases of their ERP implementation project. With this support from  Nebim, the ERP project leaders can manage the balance between the expectations of the company from the new ERP system and the actual operational realization of the system. They can control the cost and risk of the initial investment, and move forward with confidence. For these reasons, companies can easily and quickly implement Nebim V3; they can manage the transition period to the new ERP system flawlessly. 

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