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Inter Mutfak Lütfü KüçükInter Mutfak Genel Müdürü Lütfü Küçük :

"Nebim ile %100 Kontrol Sağlıyoruz."

Sektörünün öncü firmalarından Inter Mutfak Genel Müdürü Lütfü Küçük, kuruldukları 1993 yılından beri Nebim ile işbirliği içerisinde olduğunu belirtti. Küçük, bugün gelinen noktada tüm stoklarını, satışlarını ve müşteri bilgilerini Nebim sayesinde en doğru ve hızlı bir şekilde yönetebildiklerine de değindi. Nebim kullanmaya başlarken belirledikleri "Satış ve stok kontrolleri sürecinde kolaylık sağlamak ve sistemin kontrolünü en doğru şekilde gerçekleştirmek" hedefinden de bahseden Küçük, şu anda sistemde %100 kontrol sağladıklarını ve süreçleri en doğru şekilde yönettiklerini söyledi.


Inter Mutfak Managing Director Lutfu Küçük:
"We have 100% control with Nebim"

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•1.       1.Would you please tell us about the historical background of Inter Mutfak?

Founded in 1993, Inter Mutfak Esyalari Trade Inc. is a company, specialized in kitchenware and tableware. Thanks to its refreshing itself day by day, its young staff and above all, its love for kitchen, it is one of the leading companies in the market today. The main area of activity of the company is to supply products, imported from leading manufacturing companies worldwide, to chain & department stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets and besides to stores, specialized in kitchenware throughout Turkey.
In 2006, Inter Mutfak decided to use its experience and knowledge, build-up over years, in retail business and it created the brand, Tantitoni. Tantitoni's target is to provide multi-coloured, practical, ergonomic, modern, chic, handy and different shopping experience to end consumer.
Today Tantitoni continues its operations with its 5 concept store, 7 shop-in-shop store and its e-commerce website 

•2.       2. Would you please tell us about the solution, you achieved with Nebim cooperation briefly? 

Would you please mention the benefits, it has provided to Inter Mutfak?
We use Finance and Accounting, Inventory and Order Management, Retailing, Warehouse Management, Customer Relations Management and Business Intelligence Corporate Performance Management software of Nebim. We believe that Nebim is the best solution partner, especially in retailing sector. We cooperate with Nebim since 1993, the founding year of our company. Today where we stand now, we are able to manage all of our inventories, sales and customer data in the most accurate and fastest way thanks to Nebim.
Talking about the benefits that Nebim provides to Inter Mutfak, we may say that thanks to Data Transfer with Nebim Winner Web Services, we can carry out detailed follow-up of our products, put up for sale in contracted stores. At end-of-days, we can connect contracted stores via Nebim web service application and receive sound information regarding our sales, realized in all contracted stores. With this information, which we receive, we are able to establish invoices in consignment sales that shall be made out to these stores more accurately and fast. In addition, we are able to access detailed information regarding how many items are sold and how many are left from which product. Thus we are able to carry out our follow-up more accurately, fast and easily.

In addition, with business intelligence applications, developed by Nebim, we can receive detailed reports and make sound status analyses. Thanks to the program, we can carry out performance measurement by comparing targets, we have determined for our products and stores, and realized values and accordingly, we make more sound decisions

•3.       What were your targets when you started to implement Nebim's solutions to Inter Mutfak? 

Firstly, our targets have been to provide convenience in sales and inventory control processes and to realize the control of our system in the most accurate way. Maintaining 100% control in the system and managing processes in the most accurate and efficient way are among targets, we have achieved together with Nebim solutions and we desire to carry them a step further. When we look today, we see that our performance improve day by day by Nebim and we assume 100% control.

•4.       As Inter Mutfak, would you please provide information about your growth plans in upcoming period?

Currently Inter Mutfak sells via wholesale, retail and e-commerce channels. Our retail adventure, beginning in 2006, increases its share in total sale. In the next process, our target as Inter Mutfak is to make our Tantitoni brand one of the biggest retail store chains in the sector. This process will make the cooperation with Nebim more intense and important. By applying corner, shop-in-shop and franchising system, wholesale channel shall become an organized retail system. Thus our wholesale and retail channel shall be integrated with each other and at this integration process; our main target is to control inventory controls and sales of all Tantitoni stores from one centre. At this issue, we believe that Nebim will be one of our most important solution partners.