Comprehensive and Integrated

Manage all your business processes from purchasing to production, from finance management to sales on the same integrated platform from beginning to end.

Open to Change and Growth

With its modular structure and capability to integrate with other systems, you can utilize your ERP as a tool to grow your company.

Rapidly Adaptable

With functions default to your sector and rapid ERP adaptation methods developed by Nebim, deliver your new projects promptly and with agility.

Comprehensive and Integrated ERP

Kapsamlı ve Entegre ERP

Manage all your business processes on the same integrated platform with Nebim V3 ERP that offers access to data that it has transformed into information, with which you can instantly make decisions, and where you can work with singularized product, supplier, and client information.

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ERP That Is Open to Change and Growth

ERP That Is Open to Change and Growth Integrate your Nebim V3 with new generation payment systems, custom integrator applications within the government’s e-transformation vision in taxing, B2B and B2C e-commerce systems, external customer loyalty and CRM applications, external logistics systems, work flow and document management systems; and feed your business development projects with the right information to make sure that your ERP is your company’s growth engine.

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ERP That Is Open to Change and Growth Expand your scope of Nebim V3 use within your company conveniently in line with your company’s growth. Thanks to its modular structure, to which you can add applications within your license scope, you can easily upgrade to higher versions when you need to, and this makes it possible for you to think big and start with small steps.

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ERP That Is Rapidly Adaptable

You can instantly implement your business development projects since the main sector-specific applications, which you may need as you grow your company - e.g. from inter-store algorithmic product rotation to consigned sales, from merchandise planning applications for seasonal products to retail-oriented customer loyalty applications- have already been developed and incorporated into Nebim.

Expedite your ERP adaptation and additional application projects with the use of rapid ERP adaptation systems and sector-specific best practices that Nebim shares during the project. By remotely connecting to Nebim’s central project management system, you can follow the time chart and milestones of your adaptation project, as well es planned and actual development of resource use and thus act confidently when making decisions about project management.