Store back office transactions such as authorizing incoming products, returns to central office, transfer to other stores, online and offline stock taking, printing of single labels and product queries can be executed with speed and accuracy using the mobile store application on your Android devices.

Nebim V3 Back Office Applications for Stores

Incoming Products Authorization

You can provide users with the ability to view dispatch orders waiting to be authorized, to complete incomplete authorizations of transactions, to read dispatch numbers in barcode form and to permit the bulk approval of multiple dispatch notes in a single stroke. Products can be approved for acceptance or queried through a barcode reading, and you can view the product details and the details of quantities on the sales slip. Additionally, entries by serial number and by quantity are enabled and missing or surplus quantities can be viewed to generate a returns dispatch note or to order missing items.

Returns to Central Office

You can use this application to ensure orders made from central office are dispatched, to generate a return slip without the necessity of a central office order and to arrange the dispatch notes’ header information. Additionally, the application allows for entry of stock transaction types, for paper as well as e-dispatch note creation and permits the dispatch note to be printed from a printer which is accessible via the mobile device.

Transfers to Another Store

This application gives you the ability to deliver product orders received from stores, to originate dispatch notes without receipt of a store order and to arrange the dispatch notes’ header information. The entry of stock transaction types, the creation of paper or e-dispatch notes and the printing of the aforementioned dispatch note through a printer which is accessible with the mobile devices are all enabled.

Stock taking (Online and Offline)

You can take stock online and offline. For offline stock taking, the product file can be accessed from the central office and the resulting offline inventory files can be sent to central office. You can also arrange for the sales slip header information to be entered.

Single Label Printouts

With this application, you can take printouts of labels when on- or offline, and can ensure use of different types of labels for stores as needed. The application is compatible with different label printer machines, and will allow you to view the discount applied to the product read by the app and other associated information.

Product Queries

The application gives you the ability to search products by product code, via a barcode readout or by category and you can then view detailed information on the searched product. You can also view the inventory for the particular store or other stores and can execute a product purchase order for other stores.

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