It is extremely important for an enterprise to be able to manage its inventory effectively, to get to know its customers closely, and to be able to track debts and receivables in order to increase in-store sales and keep tabs on expenses. Nebim V3 allows you to increase your profitability by performing all of these with ease.

  • Quick In-Store Sale and Returns
  • By increasing your sales speed, you can reduce your customer's checkout waiting time to an absolute minimum.

  • Tracking Instalment Sales and Later Delivery (Order) Processes
  • Efficiently track your instalment sales transactions and sales which will be delivered at a later date by all processes such as guarantor, limit, payment, credit check, according to delivery companies, lawyer and bailiff.

  • Supervised Order, Shipment and Billing
  • Under order-related dispatch and billing, you can authorise your transactions, beginning the procurement process only as and when necessary by seeing how many of your orders have already been dispatched, how many are waiting for dispatch and whether your inventory is sufficient for pending order quantities.

  • Effective Inventory and Price Tracking
  • You can track the progress of your products from procurement to sale, thereby keeping close tabs on your inventory.

  • Easy Tracking of Debts and Receivables
  • You can instantly track and easily manage your cheques, bills, bank and cash accounts, as well as your debts and receivables in your current accounts.

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