Nebim Winner is the commercial software for retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies to manage their finance, accounting, supply, manufacturing, inventory, orders, warehouse, stores, wholesale and retail sales processes.

Nebim Winner

Since the publication of the first Nebim V3 version in April 2011, Nebim has been offering in the new projects the new generation ERP software that it has developed, Nebim V3, instead of Nebim Winner. The change from Nebim Winner to Nebim V3 is also recommended for Nebim Winner users who have not yet made the transition to Nebim V3.

Technological innovations, changing user needs and rapid changes in the legislation have made it necessary for Nebim to opt for new technologies other than Nebim Winner software. As a result, the software updates and support services which have been offered since 1998 are finished as of 1 January 2018. It is important that the Nebim V3 adaptation process starts as soon as possible so that the transition from Nebim Winner to Nebim V3 is carried out in an efficient manner before 1 January 2018.
Nebim still offers very special price reduction opportunities for the transition from Nebim Winner to NebimV3 to companies that have previously obtained Nebim Winner licenses. Please contact Nebim or your Nebim Solution Partner to find out how you can make the transition to Nebim’s new generation software, Nebim V3, and how you can increase your efficiency.

Ask for a demo

For further information regarding Nebim V3, please ask for a demo. We will gladly visit you and present Nebim V3 demos.