End-to-end Management of Procurement and Production Processes for Manufacturing Companies


In order to produce the right product at the right time at the right cost, use Nebim Production's end-to-end identification, planning and management functionality in order to minimize loss and waste; thereby increasing your operating profitability to become an indispensable supplier for your customers.

  • Preliminary Cost and Specification
  • Estimate preliminary costs for products and compare them with the actual costs; plan the required number of preliminary costs by price and foreign currency, create your specifications and technical files.

  • Customer Order Management
  • Track differently distributed orders and different dispatches under one order. Prepare production work orders individually or by combining them into a single order.

  • Sample/Model Production
  • Make your collection plans and carry out your model and sample production. Register your workshop and R&D studies.

  • Work orders and Process planning
  • Create and authorise processes to the level of detail required. Manage revisions and hold ups in your work order and production processes effectively.

  • Production planning
  • Plan which product needs to be made in which workshop and keep track of their completion. Manage your outsourced workshop and line occupancy by monitoring your production plan.

  • Managing the Purchasing Process and Raw Materials
  • Track your purchases and warehouses on a batch basis or by shelf occupancy. Manage fabric and batch tracking via barcodes on a fabric bolt basis using mobile applications.

  • Raw Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Run the MRP inventory management software to ensure that raw materials are obtained in sufficient quantities in a timely manner, allowing you to avoid idle inventory costs.

  • Quality Control of Raw Materials
  • Using quality control integrated with fabric rolling machines, map out fabric roll errors according to the four points inspection system, to help avoid quality control problems.

  • Barcode Production Tracking
  • Prevent loss and wastage by performing instant data gathering in your sub-contracted workshops and production lines. Create your own barcode system according to the needs of your production departments.

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Create model operation lists by conducting time studies, track productivity on a person, line, factory or operation basis and ensure quality control and traceability.

  • Quality Control of Finished Products
  • Conduct inspections instantly by monitoring inspection appointments using the web and inputting your quality control results. Measure supplier performance.

  • Barcode Parcel and Loading Tracking
  • Track parcels using barcodes for your export shipments, create first and second quality loads, and their inspection results and check lists to ensure error-free exporting.

  • Cost Management
  • Complete preliminary versus actual cost analyses to take control of your profitability with stage-by-stage costing and avoid giving customers the wrong price.

  • Cost Accounting
  • Automatically reflect your actual costs and profitability on to your financial statements by integrating your real production costs into your accounts.

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