What Do We Do?

We develop ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and store software optimized for retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries by means of Research & Development, by analyzing the requests of our many thousand customers and by keeping track of the relevant legislation.

Our clients use the Nebim V3 software that we have developed in their headquarters and their manufacturing facilities in order to manage all their business processes on the same platform in a completely integrated manner; from purchasing to manufacturing, from warehouse management to product distribution and logistics processes, up to finance management and human resources management. At the same time, our clients also manage their store inventory, back office processes and the retail transactions at the cash register with Nebim V3.

“NebimExtra” version update, maintenance and support services, which we offer together with our Solution Partners, enable us to maintain the benefits that our customers get from Nebim V3 and to increase their efficiency after implementing Nebim V3 software.

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