The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of choice for 65% of ready-to-wear retailers, wholesalers and manufacturing companies who belong to the Birleşmiş Markalar Derneği ('BMD', or United Brands Association)


The Nebim V3 ERP enables you to manage all of your business processes from A to Z on the same platform in an integrated fashion.

  • Comprehensive and Integrated
  • Manage all of your business processes according to your needs, from purchasing to production, from financial administration to sales, in an integrated way from start to finish on the same platform.

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  • Flexible ERP ready for Adaptability and Growth
  • Integrate your Nebim V3 with new generation cash registers for the payment of government taxes in line with their e-conversion vision of customised integrator applications, B2C and B2B e-commerce systems, external customer loyalty and CRM programmes, external logistics systems, document and work flow management systems, and grow your company through business development projects which have been supplied with the correct data, enabling your ERP to be the engine for your company's growth.

    Thanks to its modular structure, you can think big but start small, by expanding the scope of Nebim V3's use throughout your company to facilitate growth with easy upgrades to the more up-to-date versions when and as you need it; it's very easy to add new applications to the scope of your license.

  • Rapidly Adaptive ERP
  • From algorithmic stock rotation across stores to consignment sales management, from application for merchandise planning of seasonal products to retail-oriented applications for customer loyalty management; all of the sector-focused priority applications which you need to grow your company have already been included in the Nebim V3 to enable you to execute your business development projects quickly.

    The fast ERP adaptation methods developed by Nebim and the best practice methods that you will have access to during the project, will enable to you to gain speed in adapting your ERP and implementing your additional application projects. Connect remotely to Nebim's centralised project management system to track your adaptation project's calendar, milestones, planned and actual resource use and take decisions with confidence on all issues related to your project's management.

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