Provides Comprehensive Functionality

Manage all your business processes from purchasing to manufacturing up to finance management and sales, on the same platform and in a completely integrated manner.

Discover Nebim V3 ERP applications.

Scales as Your Business Grows

Let your ERP to be the growth engine of your company by integrating your Nebim V3 with new generation cash registers, special integrator applications in accordance with the government’s vision regarding e-transformation on tax matters, B2C and B2B e-Commerce systems, external customer loyalty and CRM applications, external logistics systems, business flow and document management systems and by feeding accurate data to your business development projects that will expand your company.

When your company grows, it is easy to expand the scope of your Nebim V3 according to your use. You may think big, but are able to start with small steps. Thanks to the modular structure of Nebim V3, whenever there is need, you can add new applications to your license and start using higher versions.

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Provides Fast Implementation and Go-Live

Implement your business development projects rapidly as various applications that you might need while expanding your company have already been developed and added to Nebim V3. The preferred applications of the sector include algorithmic product rotation between stores, consignment sales management, merchandise planning for seasonal products, and retail-focused customer loyalty management applications, among others.

Accelerate your ERP adaptation and additional application projects thanks to the fast ERP adaptation methods which Nebim has developed as well as industry-specific best practice methods which will be shared with you during the project. Remote access to the central project management system of Nebim enables you to monitor the adaptation project schedule, milestones, as well as the planned and actual use of resources so that you can make confident decisions regarding project management.

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