ERP and Merchandising Software for Retail and Wholesale Opticians


Effectively manage your retail and wholesale optical prescription, order, advance, workshop tracking processes with the automated integration of Product Monitoring System (ÜTS-Ürün Takip Sistemi) and Medula by means of inputting your optical products in detail using Nebim V3 Optical Solutions.

  • Nebim V3 Optics Product Management
    • Definition of optical glass frames and sunglasses
    • Definition of optical glasses and contact lenses
    • Automatic product card transfers from Product Monitoring System (ÜTS)
    • Product Monitoring System (ÜTS) notifications
    • Medical optical product specifications
  • Nebim V3 Optics Retail Process Management
    • Prescription procedures
    • Querying optical frame and glasses claims on the Medula system
    • Automatic e-Prescription downloads from Medula
    • Upload prescriptions from Nebim V3 to Medula
    • Order processing
    • Deposit transactions
    • New Generation Cash Register (NGCR) payments, advances and invoice receipts
    • Order dispatch to workshops
    • Delivery and billing
  • Nebim V3 Optics Retail Process Management
    • Import processes
    • Wholesale buying processes
    • Automatic transfer of bulk dispatch bills from Product Monitoring System (ÜTS)
    • Wholesale processes
    • Optical QR code creation operations
  • Support on current applicable laws
    • NGCR, e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger, e-Waybill
    • Tax Free
    • Personal Data Protection Law, E-Commerce Law

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