By joining the trainings offered by Nebim, you can specialize in Nebim V3 and maximize the benefits you get from Nebim V3.

Trainings and Certifications

We offer trainings and certification possibilities for new Nebim V3 users who want to pursue a career in diverse fields such as Cashier, Store Manager, Product Manager or IT Manager as well as for experienced Nebim V3 users who aim to use and manage Nebim V3 software in their companies on an expert level.

You can see the details on trainings offered by Nebim on Training Schedule page and register yourself.

Why Trainings and Certifications?

As the prestigious Nebim V3 Competence Certificate proves the competency of its holder, it provides various advantages for certificate holders and for companies that use Nebim V3 software.

For IT Managers and ERP Project Sponsors:
Training and Certification of key users participating in Nebim ERP adaptation projects;

  • Helps the completion of the ERP adaptation project on time, within the foreseen budget and in a successful manner,
  • Decreases the project risks in the preparation process for actual use,
  • Decreases the costs during the ERP adaptation process.

Training and Certification of users following the actual implementation of Nebim software;

  • Minimizes user errors and therefore increases the efficiency of Nebim software for the companies,
  • Makes it easier for the IT team to provide support for the users within the company,
  • Supports the IT department in providing performance levels regarding user satisfaction (SLA);
  • When multiple people in a team have the certificate, the cooperation between team members is more efficient and the team performance increases.

For Human Resources Managers:
When job applicants or employees have Nebim V3 Competence Certificates, the Human Resources Managers;

  • Can conclude the application evaluation process faster,
  • Can make confident decisions regarding employing new staff,
  • May use the certificates as a criterion for the annual performance review and promotion evaluations of the staff,
  • Help establish staff satisfaction and efficiency, which is among the duties of the HR departments.

For Nebim V3 ERP Software Users:
Ranging from IT Management to Store Management, specialist trainings and Nebim V3 competence certification for Nebim software users employed in a company;

  • Makes it easier for these persons to accomplish their daily tasks,
  • Increases their performance and efficiency,
  • Makes the adaptation to new tasks easier when they are promoted to new positions,
  • Proves their will and effort to use Nebim V3 software more efficiently and to increase personal performance to their superiors.

For Persons at the Beginning of Their Career
Training and Nebim V3 Competence Certification for persons who aim to reach higher levels in their career;

  • Teaches them business concepts knowledge that is a prerequisite for a successful career, and strengthens this with the Nebim V3 software experience,
  • Makes it easier for them to prove their competence regarding Nebim V3, one of the most sought-after software in career media and employment websites, when they are applying to a variety of positions such as Cashier, Store Manager, Product Manager or IT Manager, so that they are way ahead of other candidates,
  • Helps them adapt to their new tasks faster and to prove their performances to their superiors.
  • When their career goals are within the ecosystem of Nebim or Nebim Solution Partners, these persons have advantages in candidate evaluation processes and employment conditions.

Trainings Offered by Nebim

Nebim offers a variety of trainings in numerous fields for the users, from applied trainings in classrooms up to trainings in academic institutions.

Nebim V3 User Trainings
We believe that trainings are a very important part of efficiency increase for the users of Nebim V3 software. In classroom environments, we introduce Nebim V3 software in general terms. For experienced users, we show the applied advanced features that are needed for a more efficient use of the software in expert trainings in classrooms. We also introduce to our users the new features in new versions of Nebim V3 in trainings about version improvements.

Thanks to the trainings, you will increase the benefits from the applications you are already using, you will be informed about the new applications that come with the new versions, and you will be able to use Nebim V3 in a more efficient manner.

You can see the details about Nebim trainings at the Trainings Schedule page and register yourself.

University and High School Trainings
Nebim V3 ERP applications are explained during trainings that take place in universities and thematic high schools. Product Management, Purchasing, Sales and Marketing, Store Management and POS, Financial Management, General Accounting and Human Resources applications are introduced. Students who complete the exams at the end of these trainings successfully get a Certificate of Achievement.

Some of the learning institutions where Nebim trainings take place are: Altınbaş University, Bilgi University, Haliç University, Konya Karatay University, Bağlarbaşı Marketing and Retail Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.

Trainings in Other Institutions
For persons who wish to receive individual training, Nebim V3 trainings are offered at institutions such as ISMEK (Istanbul Vocational Courses) and ITGIB (Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association). ISMEK is a training institution associated with the Municipality of Istanbul. Here, two different kinds of trainings are offered: Nebim V3 Training and Bookkeeping. The trainings in ISMEK are free of charge. During Nebim V3 Trainings, the applications in Nebim V3 are explained. In Bookkeeping Training, accounting is explained from the beginner’s level. Nebim V3 ERP is used in the applied part of this training.

Expert trainings are given at ITGIB (Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association). At the end of the training, successful participants get a Certificate of Achievement.

You can see the details about Nebim trainings at the Trainings Schedule page and register yourself.

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