Give your customers the possibility to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

With the Nebim V3 Remote Sales and Collections;

  • You can enable your sales team to consult your customers who prefer not to visit your physical stores, to promote your products and to make suggestions interactively,
  • Take payment from your customers via credit card or payment transfer by executing remote sales,
  • Enable different delivery options and cargo tracking to ensure easy and quick delivery,
  • Increase customer satisfaction levels by offering an outstanding shopping experience from the comfort of the customer’s home,
  • Increase turnover through the provided remote sales service independent of location.

Product selection

You can promote your products to your customers, reaching them through a choice of different platforms such as phone calls, WhatsApp, FaceTime or other social media channels.

Your sales consultant can execute the sale of a product which the customer likes and selects by means of the Advance Sales Order function of Nebim V3 POS.


The remote sale transaction begins with an Advance Sales Order on Nebim V3 POS. The sales transaction is entered as a Remote Sale and e-Archive visuals and reporting can be made. The entire range of active campaigns and special customer discounts which function through Text Messaging verification can be applied. The choice of delivery - whether by cargo or store pick up, can be selected. The order amount and details can be sent to the customer by selecting the order payment screen option of ‘Send Text Message for a Remote Sale’. Next, the customer can click on the text message link received to complete the sales transaction via payment through their mobile device.


The customer can click on the text message link received to pay for the order using their mobile device. Prior to paying, the customer can review details of the order such as product, price, discount, any campaign applied, invoice address, delivery address, etc. They can view the Distance Selling Agreement and once approval is received that this has been fully read by the customer, the agreement can be stored along with the order details.


After having reviewed the order, the customer can navigate to the section with different payment options by clicking on the Make Payment button. They can pay the order amount by using the CloudCollection service on virtual POS by credit card or by bank transfer. After the payment is approved, the Order Brief is registered. An information e-mail is then sent to the stores which will make the delivery to begin the process of invoice and delivery for the sale the payment approval of which has now been received.


Those orders for which the Distance Selling transaction has been completed and for which payment has been taken, the Nebim V3 Store application can generate an aggregated invoice or the Nebim V3 POS can produce invoices individually. The invoicing can be done according to the delivery location. The different products in a single order can be invoiced at different times. Transactions which have been abandoned be cancelled regardless of payment status. Adding, deleting or returning products from an order can also be performed.

Cargo and Delivery

Depending on the product delivery chosen by the customer, the product can be sent by cargo or picked up in the store. It is possible to integrate with cargo delivery companies which are outside of the existing integrated cargo companies in Nebim V3. The barcode labels which will be used for cargo delivery can be generated in Nebim V3 and printed. All cargo processes – severally or in aggregated form- can be tracked in real time by use of Nebim V3 Cargo Tracker application. The customer can be sent a text message containing cargo information with which to track the parcel.

Ask for a demo

For further information regarding Nebim V3, please ask for a demo. We will gladly visit you and present Nebim V3 demos