Manage the contracts made with agencies and/or individuals affiliated with the agencies, the reservations and the retail sales made in connection with these contracts, as well as the commission rates to be calculated for the affiliated individuals for these sales activities.

Defining Affiliated Individuals for Commission Calculations

You can enter the agency contracts and the individuals who are affiliated with the agency contracts so that the commission can be calculated for these persons regarding the reservations entered in connection with these contracts.

Information such as agency, agency branch, hotel, hotel personnel, guide, junior guide, group leader and shuttle bus driver can be defined.

Agency Contract Information

Companies make contracts with the agencies and the affiliated persons who they work with. Commissions for the related persons are calculated based on sales completed due to the referrals of agencies and individuals affiliated to agencies.

You can enter commission rates for every affiliated person on each product group level. You can define special percentages, visit frequencies, progress payments, vehicles, and periodic amount values.

It is possible to calculate the commission rates defined for each connection entered in related reservations and include these commissions in the current accounts of the affiliated persons following the sales transaction.

Defining the Agency Reservations

You can create reservation records before the potential customers come in. You can enter values such as expected number of persons, estimated arrival time, nationality of the incoming group and so on.

Following the shopping, you can obtain reports by comparing the estimated and actual figures.

Sales Transactions Affiliated to the Agency Reservations

The related reservation code can be entered on Nebim V3 POS before the shopping. In every phase of the sales in connection with the reservation, you can see the earned commissions before the sales are completed. Following the completion of the sales, you can see that the commissions have been recalculated according to the defined commission rates in the contract.

Agency Performance/Progress Payments/Visit Frequency Amounts Accrual

Following the completion of the shopping, you can reflect the earned agency performance amounts for the agencies and the affiliated persons in the calculations.

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