Make your company’s income and expense budget based on cost centers and accounting plan, check it against the actual data in a fast manner and detect budget deviations before the end of the period.

When all budget work is done on one database, undetected formula errors that might occur in budgets such as previously prepared Excel pages by individuals can be prevented.

Nebim V3 Budget Management allows you to work on both your income and expense budgets.

Income Budget

You can plan your turnovers based on cost centers and months as turnover, gross profit, gross margin percentage, cost of products sold, price reduction percentage, and first price. These plans can be viewed based on cost center hierarchy, LFL, LFL1Y, stores to be closed, stores to be opened and so the growth targets can be set rapidly.

When working on the income budget, you can see the data regarding the last two years side by side based on months, and you can conclude your work rapidly by making an addition in percentage or by adding an amount.

Besides the income from retail, wholesale, export sales from your company, the income resulting from rentals, interests, vehicle sales and real estate sales can be budgeted and viewed separately.

Expense Budget

The accounts can be grouped under account features without changing the accounting plan. More than one account plan hierarchy can be created using different points of view. By transferring your expenses into these hierarchies, you can work on your budget in a fast manner and analyze budgets vs. actual figures.

The expenses can be seen based on account detail and in proportion to the related month’s turnover. The expenses connected to turnover (sales premiums, credit card commissions etc.) can be budgeted by entering turnover percentage.

When working on a budget based on cost centers, you can easily access the cost centers of an account (rent, fees, communication etc.), you can analyze the expenses of the selected account based on months and cost centers and make corrections, and you can then come back to your initial page based on cost centers.

Budgets can be prepared by adding a certain amount, or by increasing last year’s actual number by a certain percentage, or by entering a proportion to turnover either to the whole of cost center hierarchy, or based on the levels of the hierarchy, or based on the cost centers.

Döviz kur tahminlerini bütçeleme yapacağınız dönemin ay bazında girişlerini yapabilir, bu tahminlerinizi dövize bağlı hesaplarınızın TL'ye dönüşümünde kullanabilirsiniz.

You can enter the foreign exchange rate forecasts of the budget period based on months, and you can use these forecasts for the conversion of your foreign currency accounts into TL.

You can analyze your income / expense budgets with various currencies (USD, EUR etc.) in a fast manner using foreign exchange rate forecasts or the foreign exchange rates of the closed period.

You can include the fixed rents, as well as rents based on turnover percentage and common area rents monthly with your currency. By using foreign exchange forecasts and turnover targets, you can quickly calculate the rent accounts in TL.

Nebim V3 Budget Management Application

The current data can be very quickly updated and analyzed.

Profitability analyses can be made either monthly or since the beginning of the year, by entering your expenses in a scenario without waiting for the end of the previous month.

You can open as many scenarios as you like, you can work on various scenarios with different income and expense forecasts, and you can analyze your scenarios and the actual situation side by side.

The approved budgets can be locked so that no changes are allowed.

Without making any changes to the budget approved and locked by the management, you can revise the budget in a revision scenario; and make analyses about the first budgets, revised budgets and actual periods.

The cost centers and stores that you plan to open within the period can be entered in the Nebim V3 Budget Management application without being entered into Nebim V3 and you can budget your income and your expenses.

In a very fast and flexible manner, you can copy scenarios, cost centers, periods and accounts.

When working on a budget, you can instantly see the EBITDA / EBIT results and manage the changes according to the results that you get.

You can create a forecast scenario for the remaining part of your whole period income / expense budget; you can compare this with your income / expense distribution budget for the upcoming months and you can see your deviations significantly ahead of time.

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