With the Cash Flow Budget, you can plan your company's income and expenses and see the cash need or cash surplus values that will occur in future periods on a weekly or monthly basis.

With the Cash Flow Budget;

  • You can plan your cash inflows and outflows according to the income and expenses budget.
  • You can compare the created scenarios with the weekly or monthly data.
  • You can both prevent errors and save time by minimizing manual data entry while reporting revenue and expense estimates to the management.

Cash Flow Budget Processes:

  • You can create account breakdowns with Element Definitions. You can create the items that make up the cash inflows and outflows to be used in the scenarios based on sub-breakdowns. (Ex: Cash inflows from retail stores, payments to suppliers, etc.)
  • You can create scenarios based on Cost Center. You can add items used in cash flow on a yearly basis to the scenario. You can address on the basis of the current account, bank transaction type, monetary transaction type, financial transaction type, accounting account, and cost center.
  • You can make Scenario Entries for the cash plan for the next period. You can enter the entry and exit cash plans of your company for future periods. You can get data from Manual, Microsoft Excel, zt table, or Nebim V3 Budget.
  • You can set the data source and reporting parameter settings. You can set monthly/daily parameters by specifying where the Cash Flow program will receive data from.
  • You can perform detailed authorization on the basis of menu access, feature, and scenario. You can authorize and set approval parameters based on menu, feature, and scenario entries.
  • You can make detailed reports with options such as weekly and monthly. You can analyze your cash inflows and outflows on a weekly or monthly basis according to the income and expenses budget.

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