Link your costs with your cost centers and monitor all your purchase orders, dispatch notes and invoice transactions for your expense items.

Cost Management

You can create offers for purchasing the expense items. By approving offers, you can create orders for those that are going to be purchased. This way, only the approved items are going to be purchased. It is possible to select the location of use of the expense items -such as the production or the stores- so that the cost definitions can only be seen by the related group of persons.

Cost Center

You can link your costs with your cost centers and define which expense items are to be used in which cost center. According to your preferences, you can give as many attributes to your costs as you like, and form groups and obtain reports. These expenses can be defined as fixed or variable costs.

Cost Center Hierarchy

By defining cost periods, you can group cost breakdowns based on periods. By defining cost centers, you can set a cost center allocation hierarchy. You can allocate various expense items to the relevant level of this cost center hierarchy and define the allocation to sublevels of each level according to the allocation key. You can either manually enter a proportional allocation key, or have automatic allocation according to the cost of sold products or the turnover KPIs.

Expense Invoice Approval Process

Separate expense invoice approval rules can be defined on a store and office basis.

You can have these rules approved by the department leader, office and department manager on duty, staff manager or store coordinator.

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