You can offer differentiated services to your customers by grouping them according to their value groups, shopping behavior, product and brand preference and demographical characteristics.

Customers who have been shopping in previous years but refrain from shopping in the present year can be identified. You can offer these customers special advantages to make them come shopping again.

You can identify customers who shop above or below a certain amount.

Customers who buy a product but don’t buy associated products can be identified. You can prepare special campaigns for these customers and increase the sales of the other products.

Customers who come shopping for special occasions can be identified. You can offer them special advantages so that they come again to you for shopping on special occasions.

It is also possible to identify customers who used to regularly come shopping each month but have stopped shopping. Special advantages can be offered to these customers so that they start shopping at your stores again.

You can define as many criteria as you like by using values such as number of sold items, sales amount, total sales discount, campaign discounts on the amount etc.

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