Companies that transact through multiple channels (B2C, CRM, Text Messaging, Call Center, etc.) can centralize and manage Data Protection and E-commerce consent and/or revocations of consent provided by retail customers using these different channels.

Nebim V3 Customer Consent Data Integration

Retail firms using consent databases to manage the marketing and Data Protection consents given by customers to their brands -under the applicable laws on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce Customer Relationship Management and that on Data Protection- can use Nebim V3 POS at retail sales points, e-commerce sites, corporate websites, as well as to manage customer communications and consents received through, for example, third party providers of bulk email, text message or call center services.

You can use Nebim V3 Consent Data Integration to work with service providers.

  • "Mobildev Consent Database Management”
  • "Turatel smartADM Data Consent Management"

You can use Nebim V3 POS to enter consent forms or revoke them for Data Protection and E-commerce marketing purposes directly. When a Nebim V3 POS customer form is created or an existing customer form is updated with new personal information or an address change, you can access the service provider you are working with in order to obtain authorization via Nebim V3 POS.

You can also integrate the consent and revocation orders which retail customers execute through different channels such as B2C, CRM, Text Messaging, Call Center, etc., by way of the integrated database, under the retail customer master database Nebim V3 ERP.

For instances where the customer consent or revocation orders are executed through a B2C or a call center, you can first authorize the service provider to collect the transaction details and to transfer this information into Nebim V3 ERP later.

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