Companies subject to e-Dispatch Note according to the strategy of popularization of electronic documents by the Revenue Administration, can carry out all their e-Dispatch Note creating, sending and receiving transactions by using the Nebim V3 e-Dispatch Note application.

E-Dispatch Note and Integrator Settings can be Adjusted Parametrically

You can determine the integrator company for the e-Dispatch Note application, as well as the starting date of the e-Dispatch Notes.

Marking the Company Accounts Subject to E-Dispatch Notes

Client companies’ status concerning e-Dispatch Note can be marked in their current account cards, and so for companies subject to e-Dispatch Note, the transactions are automatically carried out using e-Dispatch Note.

Defining the Obligatory Fields on E-Dispatch Notes

You can define the vehicle and the driver; you can assign defined drivers to defined vehicles; you can also define the information regarding the driver and the vehicle carrying out the delivery on the relevant e-Dispatch Note.

Creating and Sending E-Dispatch Notes

Using Nebim V3 e-Dispatch Note services, you can check all sales dispatch notes, return dispatch notes, store delivery dispatch notes and dispatch notes on transfers among warehouses in different locations, and send them to the integrator company.

Receiving Incoming E-Dispatch Notes

Using Nebim V3 e-Dispatch Note services, you can accept e-Dispatch Notes received from suppliers and companies subject to e-Dispatch Note, as well as the e-Dispatch Notes from your company’s own stores or from different locations.

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