With Nebim V3 e-Invoice applications, you can carry out the retail and wholesale e-Invoice processes either integrated with special integrators you cooperate with (such as Doğan e-Dönüşüm, Edoksis (SABANCI DX), eFinans, FIT), or alternatively integrated with the Nebim V3 Revenue Administration portal.

Defining and Instant Check of Customers Subject to e-Invoice on Nebim V3 ERP

On the wholesale and retail customer cards of Nebim V3, the option “Subject to e-Invoice” can be marked and the tax number is then entered obligatorily. This way, the user gets the information that the customer is “Subject to e-Invoice, therefore no invoice printout” when the customer code is entered during invoicing.

The information on entities subject to e-Invoice is obtained from the Integrator Company automatically in required intervals and the customer information on Nebim V3 is updated.

When a new customer is entered during invoicing, the list of “Customers subject to e-Invoice” is searched. As this list is updated constantly by the Integrator Company, the tax number of the customer to be recorded can be checked instantly and the user sees a warning if the customer is on the list of entities subject to e-Invoice.

Issuing e-Invoices on Nebim V3 ERP

In case the customer card has the marking “Subject to e-Invoice”, the invoice is given an “e-Invoice Serial Number”. According to the parameters, this serial number can also be issued when the invoice is being prepared to be sent instead of the time of invoicing. This way, problems such as skipping a serial number are avoided.

Nebim Electronic Invoice Integration / Integrator Company

Connect to the Nebim Electronic Invoice Integration program and make the necessary adjustments.

Log in by stating the server, username and password.

Choose the database you wish to work on. In case there are several legal entities within your company, you can determine different parameters for each legal entity.

Select the Special Integrator you work with.

Nebim works in an integrated manner with the special integrators our customers choose most frequently i.e. Doğan e-Dönüşüm, Edoksis (SABANCI DX), eFinans and FIT.

E-Invoice parameters are entered for the selected company. This is done only once when the program is installed and saved.

The connection parameters are adjusted for your selected Integrator Company. You can so define and save the update periods for information on “Companies Subject to e-Invoice”, “e-Invoice Sending” periods and “e-Invoice Receiving” periods.

e-Invoice Sending

Invoices saved with Nebim V3 invoice program are listed in “Nebim V3-Check and Send the Created Invoices”. The invoices that are to be sent are then selected from this list and approved. This way, the invoices issued via Nebim V3 are made ready to be converted into the format set forth by the Revenue Administration. These files are automatically declared to the Revenue Administration in the time periods defined as Invoice Sending Periods in the “Nebim Automatic Invoice Integration” program for the related Integrator Company.

Incoming e-Invoice Approval Process

The incoming e-Invoices can be made subject to approval before they are entered into the current account of the related e-Invoice.

As more than one approval hierarchy can be definedfor the e-Invoice approval process, you can have the incoming e-Invoices subjected to approval processes by the department leaders and/or associated purchasing officers.

After this initial approval process, the incoming e-Invoices can be viewed in Nebim V3 ERP and receive final approval.

e-Invoice Receiving

The incoming invoices are sent to Nebim V3 ERP automatically by the Integrator Company.

Before being sent, the incoming invoices are accepted or declined on the interface of the Integrator Company based on authorization.

The invoices that arrive in Nebim V3 ERP as approved are entered via “Accept Incoming e-Invoices”, by matching orders, dispatch slips and products.

Nebim V3 Electronic Invoice Integration / Revenue Administration Portal Method

In addition to automatically sending/receiving invoices by the Integrator Company, taxpayers under the limit of monthly invoices as stated in the communiqué can also use “Nebim-Revenue Administration Portal Method Integration”.

Users of the Revenue Administration Portal can deactivate the “Use Special Integrator” option when they are connected to the Nebim e-Invoice Integration program. The program can then be used according to the parameters of Revenue Administration Portal Integration.

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