You can work efficiently by being integrated to systems which offer special advantages to your loyal customers.

Integration with External Customer Loyalty Management Systems (Como, Hopi, Paro, Umico, Zubizu)

You can work efficiently by being integrated to systems which offer special advantages to your loyal customers.

In addition to Nebim V3 ERP price reduction campaigns, discount coupons, money point and gift card applications, you can offer your customers various advantages by being integrated to external loyalty management systems. Nebim V3 can be integrated with many External Loyalty Management Systems such as Como Sense by Bonobo, Hopi by Boyner Group, Paro by Tanı Marketing and Zubizu by Doğuş Group. This allows you to get to know your customers better and to offer them diverse advantages, and to monitor all the points earned and used by all participating companies.

On Nebim V3 POS sales screen, you can select the external loyalty method used by your customer and let your customer benefit from the advantages of the relevant company instantly.

Como Sense

About Como Sense

Como Sense is a customized loyalty management system that can be used in an integrated manner with Nebim V3. It offers the enterprises the possibility of getting to know their retail customers so that spending can be increased as the shopping experience is personalized. Como Sense provides companies with mobile apps, loyalty club, CRM and reporting tools.

With Como Sense, you can create particular campaigns for specified target groups. Thanks to stamp cards, points, credit, joining bonus, birthday, anniversary and other special day bonuses, club opportunities, coupons, scratch tickets, and many other customized loyalty programs for your company, your retail customers can be encouraged to visit your stores and to shop there. The smart phone applications can also be downloaded to the mobile phones of your retail customers so that all the advantages can be available to them with the app of your company brand. You can establish multi-channel communication with your customers when you see their demands. SMS, email, instant messages, pop-up messages for mobile apps customized for your company and questionnaires can be used to increase sales.

To watch the Como Sense introduction video, please click here.

Nebim V3 POS and Como Sense Integration

Nebim V3 POS - Como Sense integration offers an integrated end-to-end solution so that you get to know your retail customers better, personalize their experiences, and increase their visits as well as their spending. Thanks to this integration, you can minimize the errors in your headquarters and in your stores by the staff that use Nebim V3 and Come Sense, and eliminate all efforts that will impose a burden to the operation. The relationships with your customers in your stores will accelerate as well.

Retail customer segmentation
You can carry out the segmentation of your customers participating in the loyalty management according to their profile, behavior and purchase history using smart and automatic campaigns.

Customized loyalty programs for retail customers

Make your retail customers come back with smart and automatic rewards (price reduction coupons, stamp cards etc.) determined according to their preferences and shopping behavior.

Mobile application created specifically for the retail customers of the company

Stay connected with your customers thanks to the mobile application designed specifically for your brand which they download to their phones. With the notifications and pop-ups, you will not only enter the pockets of your customers, but also remain there.

Fast decision-making with the management panel customized for the company

Gain fast access to real-time performance data and retail customer analysis reports using the convenient and simple management panel. This enables you to observe what your retail customers want and to take fast action in order to increase your sales.

Loyalty Management Features Achieved through the Integration of Como Sense with Nebim V3

Price Reduction Coupons / Gifts

A specific customer segment (for example, customers who have been shopping three times in the last six months but who have not purchased anything during the last month) can be sent price reduction coupons. Also, price reduction coupons regarding certain product groups can be sent to consumers of that certain product group. The campaign results can be analyzed.

Stamp Cards

Multiple purchases can be triggered with stamp card creations such as 75 TL price reduction coupons for completing three stamps on a card where the customer gets one stamp for each purchase of 250 TL.

Saving / Spending Credits

In order to let more loyal customers to earn more, money points can be awarded and spent using a sliding scale. Notifications regarding the point traffic can be sent to the customer.


The customer can choose products or price reductions from the PointClub catalogue. The accumulated points can easily be redeemed at the cashiers using Nebim V3 POS.

Birthday Rewards and Scratch Cards

The store visit of the customer can be triggered by birthday presents. The gifts in form of scratch cards can be redeemed at the cashier using Nebim V3 POS.

Club Deal (Club Campaigns)

>More sophisticated campaigns can be implemented and the received additional turnover can be reported as well (for example, 30 % price reduction with a validity of one week for the Gold customer who has made a purchase exceeding 2500 TL in the new season).

Evaluation Questionnaire

An evaluation questionnaire can be sent to the customer right after they conclude their shopping and exit the store. The rewards can be sent immediately and the questionnaires can be reported.

“Let us get to know you better” Form

A form regarding the customer information which you want to obtain can be sent to the customers and the rewards can be given following that.


For Hopi application, you can scan the identification number and access the information of your customer who is a Hopi member. All campaigns defined for Hopi are then at the disposal of your customer. To get further information about Hopi, please visit their website.


For Paro application, you can scan the card number and access the information of your customer who is a Paro member. All campaigns defined for Paro are then at the disposal of your customer. To get further information about Paro, please visit their website.

Integration with Vodafone Mobile Advantage

The integration launched with Vodafone allows users to use the Vodafone mobile application to generate a code for verification for campaigns defined in Nebim V3 ERP, which is then applied at the Nebim V3 POS.

To benefit from the discount associated with defined campaigns, the Vodafone Mobile Advantage service must be active.

You can choose the Vodafone member option on the screen of the Nebim V3 POS device.

Where the campaign offers a discounted basket during a checkout and provided that the customer is a Vodafone member, a password can be generated and upon correct input, the discounted campaign offer can be applied.


By scanning the Umico Card number, you can access Umico member customer information, make the point querry and do the transactions.


For Zubizu application, you can scan the member identification code and access the information of your customer who is a Zubizu member. All campaigns defined for Zubizu are then at the disposal of your customer. To get further information about Zubizu, please visit their website.

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