Effortlessly prepare your seasonal budgets by planning your purchases, sales, gross margins and inventory integrated with your ERP.


With normalization and calendar sliding, you can bring all your sales channels to Like for Like format and create data for the planned period with minimal deviation.

With the preparation phase you can do the following:

  • Defining the period to be planned (Settings)
  • Creating seasonal groups
  • Creating data
  • Defining similar stores
  • Defining similar products
  • Data correction
  • Normalization
  • Forecast-LFL / Forecast-Other
  • Calendar sliding
  • Preparing forecasts

Channel Plans

You can create weekly or monthly price reduction plans and sales budgets based on various sales channels (inside the country, abroad, wholesale, retail, dealership, franchise, e-Commerce). Separate planning is possible for stores which are going to be opened / closed.

For actual turnover targets from channel plans, you can enter sales weights based on seasons, and you can distribute these weights based on categories.

You can create monthly or weekly price reduction plans based on type of channel, season and category.

With Channel Plans, you can do the following:

  • Store turnovers
  • Netting of actual monthly turnovers
  • Defining the sales weights
  • Defining the price reduction rates
  • Transfers

Category Plans

Based on product categories, for each sales channel, you can carry out monthly or weekly planning based on KPIs such as sales, price reduction, gross margin, forward weeks cover, markup, and GMROI. At the same time, you can create inventory budgets with OTB (open to buy).

With category plans, you can do the following:

  • Defining seasonal targets
  • Monthly / weekly category plans

Range Plans

Based on the options, you can plan which products are to be purchased for which price, and how many of them are to be sold at which dates, for which price and in which stores.

Planning the end of season transfers based on the lowest category of the product hierarchy, you can calculate the sell-out as well as the actual purchase numbers and cost.

You can define a price range based on product categories. In the planning period and for the products which don’t have a product code assigned to them, you can plan turnover (SF) and cost prices based on categories and create their markup values.

The initial sales channels for the options, the end date of the sales, as well as the sales duration can be planned; and plans can be revised according to rate of sale values.

On the range screen, you can see the transfer values of categories and transfer plans prepared by Merchandise Planning; such as amount, turnover (SF), SMM. Option planning can be made for the new season based on the option values of the last year. You can plan the total number of products to be produced according to the price range defined in the category prices screen. The existing or future options in Nebim V3 can be inside this price range and the number of products can be planned based on the options. When these plans become real orders, you can check your actual orders with the preparation based on options.

The range plan can be prepared in a cumulative manner and distributed to the sales channels, or it can be prepared based on sales channels and the total can be reached this way.

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