Carry out your warehouse transactions with Nebim V3 Mobile applications on mobile devices in a controlled and efficient way.

As Nebim V3 also functions on mobile handhold terminals, you can save time by scanning the products on site. You save valuable time as no working time is lost when taking stock. You can receive the goods from your suppliers using hand terminals and include them in your stocks in a practical manner. You can also approve the product returns from the stores on hand terminals in a controlled manner and therefore prevent errors. You can carry out your delivery transactions on hand terminals in a fast and controlled manner. This way, you can prevent wrong product deliveries. On hand terminals, you can make queries about products and the product features, and instantly observe the inventory situation in all the warehouses separately or cumulatively. With the fast orders, you can create automatic reservation receipts the moment you receive an order and prevent the exit of the relevant products from the warehouse for a different transaction.

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