Manage your companies, dealerships, points of sale for consignments within the country and abroad and in an instantly integrated manner as business partners affiliated with your main company.

Different companies such as Marketing, Manufacturing and Import can be monitored on the same platform with different databases.

You can define your dealerships and franchises as business partners and monitor them on the same system simultaneously. Each one of your partners can enter and authorize their own users, define their own offices, stores and warehouses with the features they give, and define business flow rules such as delivery slip, reservation, shipment order, packaging, shipment and invoice. Your business partners can keep their bookkeeping and accounting records over the system independently from you. The shipments that you have sent to your business partner can be viewed on the same system without the need to be entered again by the business partner; they can be approved by them and included in their inventory. The returns that have been sent to you by your business partner automatically appear on the system, and you can approve and accept them. Each business partner can use the program with a different language than the one used by you in your interface and data. You can make your business partners use the prices in the price group defined by you. While each one of your business partners can only see and report their own information, you can make queries about all your business partners simultaneously and obtain consolidated reports. You can carry out product searches in the stores of your business partners just like you do it with your own stores. You can transfer products between the stores of your business partners and your direct stores, and in the background, you can handle the returns to the headquarters and transfers to the store of a different business partner automatically.

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