View all of your bank account movements on a single screen using the integrated Nebim V3 CloudCollection

The ability to manage different bank accounts without checking each and every incoming payment

Without needing to transfer files, the ability to generate automatic account entries using Nebim V3 Online Banking Service

Nebim V3 ERP lets you monitor all bank balances on a single screen

The capability of creating filters for current account cards or expense accounts codes which are to be uploaded to the CloudCollection. With predefined filters, you have the ability to send out current account and expense account cards and, thereafter, to track them according to company codes over their respective current and expense accounts.

Without transferring any files, and using Nebim V3 Online Banking Services, you have the capability of generating account entries automatically and the company’s balances at banks will be available to monitor on a single screen via Nebim V3 ERP.

Bank checks and invoices sent for collection as well as checks and invoices payable can be entered into Nebim V3 ERP.

Sub-customer and sub-supplier accounts can be sent to CloudCollection and you can generate banking receipts for banking transactions executed in the sub-accounts.

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