With Nebim V3 POS, carry out all your processes such as retail sales, sales returns, exchanges, and store costs, as well as post-sales service and support in a fast manner; increase the sales speed at your cash registers.

Nebim V3 POS Front Office

With the rich features of Nebim V3 POS, increase your speed and efficiency at the cash registers in your stores.

The practical POS interface with user-friendly touch screen support and the personalization of shortcuts by users makes the sales transactions fast.

The sales transaction can be interrupted and suspended before the sales receipt on the screen is completed. In the meantime, invoices can be issued for other customers waiting in line.

You can accept partial payments with various payment methods such as cash, credit card, gift card, store credit (return card or exchange card).

For each product, a product exchange card can be printed out together with the invoice. Product returns and exchanges are then made in a controlled manner in accordance with the sales price on the date of sale and without the involvement of the cashier.

All e-Archive, e-Invoice, e-Invoice return transactions can be made in your stores in real time and in accordance with the legislation.

With the integration of New Generation Cash Registers, you can carry out the payment transactions in accordance with the legislation. The invoice information slips and the cash register slips are integrated with Nebim V3 POS, so the cashier cannot enter a wrong payment method, bank, credit card selection. The conditions set forth in the legislation are met, and sales are completed in a controlled manner.

Thanks to the real time Tax-Free integration, you can create your Tax-Free invoices in an integrated manner with the intermediary.

You can offer your customers personalized advantages thanks to instant integration with external customer loyalty programs such as Paro, Hopi, Zubizu and gift card, money points and price reduction campaign features of Nebim V3.

The obligatory mass communication opt-in and opt-out information as stated in the Electronic Commerce Law can be kept in an integrated manner.

You can comply with the requirements of the Law on Protection of Personal Information, and record and store data in accordance with relevant laws.

Thanks to the cooperation with mobile service providers, you can send instant SMS supported by all operators over Nebim V3 POS.

You can easily monitor all your post-sales service and support transactions with Nebim V3 POS and so increase customer satisfaction.

The interface of Nebim V3 POS can be used in many languages besides Turkish, such as Arabic, Azerbaijanese, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, English, French, Georgian, German, Italian, Macedonian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

Nebim V3 POS Customer Screen (PAGE)

Customer-specific Nebim V3 POS Customer Screen lets you display the shopping information, product recommendations, pictures of best-selling products, point information or advertisement videos, all prepared according to the customer’s purchase.

Nebim V3 Offline POS

Nebim V3 offline POS allows you to work at your stores, dealerships, franchises and associated companies where working online is difficult due to infrastructural deficiencies. Thanks to Nebim V3 POS Service, you can work offline and instantly acquire information such as customer, points, price reduction coupons, as long as there is Internet.

  • Database is in the location of the store
  • Nebim V3 POS is on PCs in the location of the store
  • Local databases can be managed from the headquarters.
  • Basic information such as product, price, campaigns, inventory, parameters, coding data, users and POS interface settings are sent to the database in the location of the store by means of Nebim V3 Send/Receive Data.
  • Offline sales can be conducted with the existing data in the store’s local database.
  • With the recently developed Nebim V3 POS Service, the customer, points, coupons and returns can be instantly checked from the headquarters. In case the Internet connection of the store has a problem and the headquarters cannot be reached, the sale is conducted without this information, solely by using the information on the local database.
  • The external integrations outside Nebim V3 such as e-Archive, e-Invoice, New Generation Cash Register, Tax Free, Chippin, Hopi, Zubizu work as long as there is Internet connection (in order to reach their own services).

Nebim V3 Back Office

With the store back office application, you can count the stock in the store and the warehouse. When you spot differences, you can synchronize them after finding out the reasons. You can approve the products arriving from the headquarters, and you can transmit orders to the headquarters regarding undersupplied products. You can request products from other stores; and send products to other stores after approving their product requests. You can print out labels in your stores and have the labels changed easier in times of discounts. Using the store bank transactions, you can deposit and withdraw money and obtain reports on banking transactions. Using the store cash register transactions; you can complete transactions such as cash register opening receipts, cash register movements, funds transfer between cash registers, payments to the staff out of the cash register and cash transfer to the banking account of the headquarters. When purchases are made by the store and not by the headquarters, you can make direct purchases to the stores. Regarding cost items for which the stores have authorization, purchases can be made and costs can be entered. You can re-organize the unpaid parts of the installment sales. According to authorization, the information about guarantors on the receipts can be entered and changed. For subsequent deliveries of installment sales, you can approve or remove the approval of security information. The retail customer cards can be regulated. From orders to shipments, wholesale transactions can be made with the back office application as well. Store back office application allows you to make analyses based on reports about products, inventory, sales, campaigns and turnover.

Nebim V3 Department Receipt

With Nebim V3 Kiosk application, you can make queries about products and you can create department receipts for sales in various departments. With only one key, these department receipts can be turned into sales with Nebim V3 POS used in cash registers in the store.

Service and Support

For repairs and changes, you can instantly create the service forms on the sales screen and hand them to the customer, without the need for another application. All repair and change phases can be monitored instantly using the number of the service form. The products unfit for repair can be sorted out as second quality, and product exchanges can be made in connection with the repairs and changes service form number. In case there is an amount to be paid due to rendered services, you can issue an invoice for these services. Instant information SMS can be sent to customers to tell them that the repairs or changes have been completed.

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