Manage all the raw material purchases and the needs planning from one place. Get rid of costs associated with idle stocks.

In the production formulas, the raw materials used for various production phases can be defined based on color and size, or color and model. While preparing the formulas, product expenditure lists can be created by defining product entries, unit expenditures and rate of wastage.

It is possible to monitor the result of the transactions done under the purchasing menu in production on a single screen. The surplus as well as the lack of needs can be observed based on work order, raw materials and products since the planned needs, purchase orders and reservations for production can be monitored.

The actual expenditures from items transferred to production as appearing in the purchase menu can be monitored in the same manner.

If desired, raw materials can be monitored based on fabric rolls using the fabric roll application. When fabric rolls are monitored, the batch number, production container number, lot number and other technical details are seen. Especially in case of knit fabric, the batches can be monitored with or without the information regarding fabric rolls. The transactions of production containers can be monitored, and the products can be taken based on batches in this manner.

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