Using Nebim V3 Online Instalment Collection application, you can collect the instalment payments online from customers who are unable to visit your store.

Nebim V3 Online Instalment Collection

Using Nebim V3 Online Instalment Collection application, you can collect instalment payments via your website with speed and security.

You can redirect customers, who wish to pay via instalments, to use the Nebim V3 Online Instalment Collection application by means of the insertion of an online payment link into your website. With this redirection, customers who want to pay in instalments can enter their Turkish ID number to access their accounts and at the option of the company, can use One Time Password Text Messaging or security check to prove their identity. When they want to make a payment, they can enter the amount they want or choose the instalment option which is run by the CloudCollection Virtual POS infrastructure to activate a credit card or electronic payment transfer in a quick and secure fashion to execute their payment and generate a payment receipt. Additionally, companies have the option to define the parameters of penalty charges for past due instalments as well as to provide discounts for early payments.

Using Nebim V3 Online Instalment Collection;

  • Your customers can check their outstanding debt using their Turkish ID number.
  • They can choose between customers who are registered under the same number and transact on the account associated with the chosen option.
  • The identity of the customer can be verified via One Time Password Text Messaging option which can be activated parametrically.
  • reCAPTCHA check can be carried out.
  • Parametrically activated penalty payments can be imposed for past due payments.
  • CloudCollection Virtual POS integration allows payment transfers or credit card payments to be processed using 3D secure payment protection.
  • Your clients can be given the option to download the payment receipt record to their computer after having made an instalment payment.
  • With the web-based responsive user interface, customers can easily access the application via PC, notebook, tablet computer, or telephone etc. as needed.
  • Additionally, company branding such as logo, name, website, etc. of the company can be included on the application interface.

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