With Nebim V3 Eyewear Solutions, manage your processes regarding retail and wholesale optical prescriptions, orders, advance payments and workshop monitoring effectively.

Nebim V3 Eyewear Retail Orders and Sales

Prescription Input

Using the eyewear prescription function of Nebim V3, you can enter all prescription information such as:

  • Protocol number,
  • Insurance company,
  • Contributions depending upon the related insurance company,
  • Frame type,
  • Information on far-, nearsightedness
  • SPH values.

The eyewear product prescriptions can be created in Nebim V3; they can be printed out in a prescription format; information can be passed on to the headquarters and the process is monitored.

Medula and e-Prescription Integration

You can make queries about the e-Prescriptions in the Medula system and have them automatically transferred to Nebim V3.

You can have the paper prescriptions entered into Nebim V3 automatically transferred to the Medula system.


Using a single key, you can create an order for entered prescriptions; you can accept down payments for these orders and complete the order entry.

Down Payments in Connection with the Order

You can accept down payments for the eyewear orders in connection with the prescription of the customer. Later on, when the order is transformed into an invoice, the amount of this down payment can be subtracted from the total and the invoice is issued accordingly.

Advance Payment

With the New Generation Cash Registers, you can accept down payments without creating an order. When you make an order later on, you can connect this down payment to the order. This way, you can prevent that the customer loses more time than necessary, as they have already spent a considerable amount of time in the store on measurements.

Transfer of the Order to the Workshop

Customer orders are sent by the headquarters to the workshops for further processing. When the products are completed by the workshop, they are returned to the store to be handed over to the customer. You can monitor all processes on Nebim V3 instantly.

Delivery and Invoicing

After the order is entered and the products are completed in the workshop, the receipt is transferred to the invoice screen with a single key; delivery and invoicing can be carried out and you can collect the remaining amount.

Nebim V3 Eyewear Wholesale

“With Nebim V3 Eyewear applications, easily manage your import, wholesale purchase and wholesale processes related to your eyewear products.”

Import Processes

You can carry out your ASN, dispatch note and invoice transactions in connection with your orders based on import file number. You can allocate the costs to the related import files automatically.

  • Import files monitoring
  • Import transactions monitoring in connection with the import file
  • Automatic allocation of import costs to the import file
  • Partial imports at customs clearance
  • Creating QR codes and making entries regarding imports, dispatch notes and invoices

Wholesale Purchasing Processes

You can carry out all your dispatch note and invoice transactions in connection with your orders for direct purchases in a fast and practical manner by scanning the QR codes that come from your suppliers.

Wholesale Processes

The orders from your customers can be entered into Nebim V3 in a fast and practical manner, and you can carry out shipment and invoice transactions in connection with these orders.

Creating and Printing Eyewear QR Codes

You can create and print QR coded labels collectively and in a fast manner by using the saved receipts in connection with shipments and invoices.

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