Change prices easily using basic prices and price lists and monitor the price change history.

Change your prices based on location. Prepare price lists for future dates and let the approved prices enter into force on selected dates.

Costs, purchasing, retail and wholesale prices (including/excluding taxes) can be entered on the product card in a practical manner. You can give different prices for your products based on color, size, and other dimensions. Thanks to the price history, you can monitor changes based on dates, and observe which product is sold on which dates for what price. In addition to defining prices on product cards, you can also create price lists and so assign prices for your products. You can approve the created price lists and make them valid; and have the product prices changed automatically in the selected time and hour according to the set price lists. All prices can automatically be changed according to multipliers in connection with a given main price list. Any time there is a change in the underlying price list; all other associated price lists can be changed automatically, using the given multipliers.

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