Combine your individually sold products and monitor them as a set with a single product code without changing their unit costs.

You can combine individually sold products in your inventory, create a new set (pack) and sell them this way. For example, it is possible to bring together a single sofa, a double sofa and an ottoman and define a sofa set. You can define the features of all the individual pieces according to the set’s (pack’s) attributes such as product code, color code and lot code. It is possible to see which products of which color and of which lot constitute the set (pack). You can check if the combined products in a set (pack) are in stock. Therefore, you can create sets only in the available number of stock items. You can monitor your set (pack) inventory and all the separate item inventories in the formula. In addition to that, you can define different prices, barcodes and features for set (pack) products. If you want, you can dissolve the set (pack) products and sell the products separately.

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