Track your purchasing and warehouse inventory at the level of shelf and per batch detail. Manage your textiles per roll and per batch basis via mobile applications using barcodes.

You are able to manage your purchases according to your work order needs, to specify tracking on a single prescription of color or size of products and to analyze the free inventory and requirements before preparing work orders. You can specify all the color and size components and technical details on a single prescription. You can break these down into section- and work station-based needs and perform your purchasing based on work orders.

Raw material warehouse tracking can be based on storage, shelf and work order-reserved stock as well as free inventory. You can manage your warehouse according to shelf space and easily execute transactions of purchasing, reservations, transfer to production. You can track your raw material and auxiliary material inventory in a single report. By viewing requirements, given orders, reserved items and stock that needs to be transferred to production, you can obtain the required raw materials just in time, thereby preventing unused inventory costs.

You can track textiles and accessories per roll and per order as raw materials. Textile stocks can be tracked per batch, lot and kier. Using mobile hand-held barcode scanner devices, warehouse stock can be tracked in real time and you can also monitor quality control and tensile test results based on textile rolls.

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