Carry out ASN, dispatch note and invoice transactions connected to your orders. Monitor your products on the way.

You can carry out transactions regarding offers, orders, dispatch notes and invoices in an automatic and controlled manner according to the offer or the order. For instance, you can automatically create the dispatch note or invoice in connection with an existing offer or order without the need to enter them again.

When entering orders, you can use summary tables and make entries based on color, size or lot in a practical and fast way. Also, you can transfer orders created in Microsoft Excel to the program automatically and easily. You can instantly check the situation of all your orders and so monitor the order quantity as well as the numbers already arrived and still remaining.

During the purchasing process, following the order you can monitor and plan the distribution of products on the way that have not yet entered your warehouse with ASN (advance shipping notice). When products are shipped out by your supplier according to your order, it is possible to keep track of them on the way with information such as quantity, method of shipment, estimated arrival time, ship and container number, port of discharge, number of the letter of credit and the import file number. Using the price guaranteed by the supplier, you can accept the products on the way in a controlled manner, and manage the differences in amount and quantity.

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