In addition to Nebim V3 ERP standard reports, obtain all your reports and analyses in an efficient manner via data warehouse with various industry-specific KPIs and business intelligence applications that offer ready-to-use dashboards.

Nebim V3 Standard Reports: Nebim V3 offers many ready-to-use reports which might be needed by your company in each process such as purchasing, production, orders, shipment, wholesale and retail sale, inventory, finance, accounting, and HR. Thanks to these reports, you can easily analyze your basic business processes without the need for developing additional reports.

All your reports can be obtained in various formats such as grid, pivot or form. The design of the reports can be changed easily with drag and drop, new fields and calculation fields can be added, and all report designs can be customized.

You can arrange your report filters in any flexibility that you prefer and save them in order to use them later on. This way, each user sees only their own filters and you can prevent users from making changes in other filters. Instead of manually selecting the product information that you want to use in your report filter, you can also transfer them from Microsoft Excel and create your filters in a practical way.

Since reports can be created in various languages, you can give your suppliers and customers with foreign connections reports in their own language.

You can put the reports that you use most often into My Menu in Nebim V3 and gain easier access to these reports. This way, you can define the reports that your users are supposed to get regularly.

The reports can be saved in different file formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML, TXT, CSV, MHT, Image and sent as e-mail attachments.

With Nebim V3 Web Report application, you can access your reports on the Web. According to your authorization in Nebim V3 ERP, you can see all the reports that are accessible to you on the Web; you can create new report filters, make reports and save them.

You can monitor the turnovers and sales quantities in your stores instantly on your mobile phone and tablet computer. The mobile reports can be sequenced according to your preferred features. With a single key, you can see and examine your mobile reports in graphic form.

Using the filter criteria in the reports, at certain times you can send automatic e-mails in PDF or Excel format to e-mail recipients who are either entered manually or already defined in Nebim V3 user account.

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