With Nebim V3, comply with the requirements of the Law on Protection of Personal Information.

Each field in Nebim V3 ERP can be defined differently based on the customer. Therefore, it is possible to define which fields on the customer cards are going to be used as personal information depending upon the company.

On Nebim V3 ERP and Nebim V3 POS, consent from the customer is required when a new customer card is entered or when any of the fields marked as personal information is to be changed on the customer card of an existing customer.

When the customer gives their consent, data entry is possible as all fields are activated via Define Personal Information program. In case the customer doesn’t consent, these fields are passive.

When an existing retail customer card is called, and in case the retail customer hasn’t given consent previously while at least one of the fields on personal information is saved on the database, a warning comes up stating that the customer card lacks customer consent. In that case, customer consent is asked for.

Nebim V3 ERP supports different consent options such as SMS, pre-printed form or a printout. The selection can be made on “Consent Alternatives”.

Instant SMS consent / pre-printed forms can be used for companies with pre-printed forms which only need to enter form numbers; and a printout can be prepared when form number and form contents are to be printed on blank paper.

Following the consent of the customer, there is a second approval form needed for the consent to be valid. The printed forms arriving at the headquarters / Archive Company are checked for one final time and approved when there isn’t any problem. In case there is a problem on the forms, the consent is cancelled. If the consent is cancelled, a warning appears when the customer comes to the store again and consent is taken from the customer one more time.

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