You can send various announcements by means of SMS or group e-mails to your customer groups and monitor the feedback on those.

You can create various groups for your wholesale, retail, e-Commerce customers. These customer groups can be sent price reduction campaigns, advertisements and all kinds of announcements via SMS and e-mail. You can monitor the feedback on those SMS and e-mails. For a variety of announcements, you can create announcement templates in combination with data. All SMS and e-mail announcements can be prepared with Nebim V3 ERP. According to your contract with GSM operators, you can use prepaid or postpaid (with an invoice) methods.

With Nebim V3 periodic SMS function, you can send your customers periodical SMS such as birthday congratulations, best wishes for wedding anniversaries, payment installment reminders, thanks for shopping and thanks for the payment.

You can send the templates created with announcement wizards periodically to any target group that you prefer.

You can send opt-in or opt-out SMS regarding consent for marketing purposes and save this information. You can obtain permission from your customers regarding advertisements and announcements, and you can save the log regarding these.

The customers can fill out the consent form and opt-in or opt-out via communication methods such as SMS or e-mail.

You can analyze lists of customers with / without consent for marketing purposes.

Thanks to the integration of Nebim V3 with group e-mail transmission services, you can define the contacts & connections for group e-mails and send them to euro.message services. Transmission results can be obtained from euro.message and transferred to and used in Nebim V3 (price reduction campaigns, analyses, mailing list preparation etc.).

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