With the Nebim V3 POS customer screen, you can show shopping information, pre-defined currency categories, product suggestions, best-selling product photos, points information or advertising videos based on the purchases made by the customer.

Information on Products Purchased by the Customer

During the shopping process, information on product, price and total amount of purchases are simultaneously displayed on the customer screen and the Nebim V3 POS sales screen.

Information on Applied Campaigns and Payment

All shopping campaigns and payment method details are shown on the customer screen.

Exchange Rates Applied in Store

The valid currencies defined for the store are displayed on the customer screen.

Customer Points Information

The customer's available points information is displayed on the customer screen.

Customer-tailored Complementary Product Recommendations

Thanks to the Nebim V3 Product Recommendation Engine, additional product recommendations are displayed on the customer screen.

Product and Brand Promotion Images and Videos

Selected photos of the products are shown as slides on the customer screen. Simultaneously, company logos and company or brand advertising videos are played on repeat.

All monitors that are Windows compliant as secondary displays are supported, eliminating the need to change your computers to run Nebim V3 POS.

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