Uğur Ayaydın
İpekyol | General Manager

"We work on developing faster structures in order to create a comfortable shopping experience.”

We keep working on understanding the preferences and needs of our customers and creating solution in line with them. Recently, we have been concentrating on strategic consultancy and field research and we have obtained their results. İpekyol Card Project started at the beginning of the year. It will provide us with the opportunity to get to know our customers better and to give them personalized services. We also observe that our customers use various sales channels and that their interest in our brand is increasing. Our e-commerce website also increases its sales each and every day.

Our target is that our customers can conclude their shopping transactions without any difficulty whatsoever. We work on developing easier, faster structures with fewer steps in order to create the same satisfying and comfortable shopping experience for our customers, regardless of the sales channel. We follow the global trends on site and in person. Our sales and marketing teams remain in contact with the field, and we constantly exchange information. We are developing many projects in various sizes. We started selling İpekyol brand products internationally online. Our e-commerce site in English and German allows us to respond to demands from abroad. We continue opening shops at the Arabian Peninsula according to our plans.

Please talk about your latest situation with Nebim V3 and also your new projects which you have implemented or which you will be implementing.

We have been using Nebim V3 since 2012. Our structure lets us manage all the retail, production and headquarters business needs on a single database with integrated and real-time data. During this time, we developed many projects in order to transform the plus sides of this structure into added value. We must primarily mention that the business needs are very diverse and that it has become a necessity to work not only with a single solution but with a platform that allows for more than one solution. So, the main ERP solution must have well-developed integration capacities so that it can function with the other pieces of software on the platform, fast and wherever needed. Especially the so-called main data such as product, customer, retail store and supplier must be fed by ERP and all transactions with a possible financial outcome must be recorded by ERP. 

What we have done at İpekyol with Nebim V3 ERP: We have integrated Nebim V3 with our business flow program used intensively by our retail stores. This way, the İpekyol-specific business needs can be managed with the approval mechanisms that we prefer. Additionally, we have integrated some automation with Nebim V3, such as the integration with the shipping company regarding product transfers between retail stores, requests and delivery of staff uniforms, requests for consumables by the retail stores from our main storage and their delivery, requests for samples, all sorts of deliveries between retail stores or between the storage facilities and the retail stores, as well as alteration transactions and even document deliveries, and automatic printing of shipping labels.

We have completed İpekyol Card CRM Project with Nebim V3;

The distribution of the cards was done with very practical business steps and in a short time. The singularization of our customers was done and stabilized. An infrastructure was developed that can provide specific answers to every segmentation. The system was developed in a way that it can implement different campaigns for stores, cardholder customers, and segment and product combinations. Integration with the archive company was achieved and the forms related to cards are systematically tracked.

Are there any other projects on your road map that you plan to develop with Nebim V3?

We are planning steps that will deepen our implemented CRM actions mentioned above. We especially want to be much faster in customer relations management. We think that we can go on creating fast solutions with Nebim V3 for the benefit of our customers within the framework of the new legislation for cash registers. Nebim V3 is ready. We are waiting for the legislation to become clearer. We are evaluating interactive displays so that we can bring the digital world into our stores. We are contemplating the store-specific possibilities integrated with Nebim V3. The ERP integration quality is increased with Nebim V3 Integrator. We go on working on “Biztalk” project in order to increase the integration quality with other software and service companies that we use. We also follow the real time analytics and its in-store person-specific use. Other than that, we work on a special B2B infrastructure to be used by our dealerships abroad.

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