Orka Group

Süleyman Orakçıoğlu
Orka Group | Chairman of the Board

“We decided to proceed with Nebim V3.”

 Süleyman Orakçıoğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Orka Group, talked about their reasons for preferring Nebim V3 ERP for their brands and companies that are active in retail. Orka Group creates its own brands with %100 Turkish capital and has turned fashion into a lifestyle. They entered the men’s apparel and textile industry in 1986 with the Damat brand. Orakçıoğlu evaluated their transition process from Nebim Winner to Nebim V3 and explained: “We have preferred Nebim V3 ERP because of its rapidly adaptable structure and multi-language support features.”

What has changed since you entered the men’s apparel industry with the Damat brand in 1986? 

We will celebrate our 30th year in three years. In 30 years, we have become a group that has stores in important cities around the world in addition to Turkey. We were the first Turkish brand to be covered by Italy’s respected fashion magazine Uomo Collezioni. We attended the most prestigious fairs abroad and organized fashion shows. We dressed celebrities from Turkey and from around the world. Fifteen master students from the world-famous London College of Fashion designed products for our collections. In 2011, we broke new ground and held a fashion show at the London Fashion Week, which only English brands attend. In 2012, in a one-to-one consumer survey made by the Council of Shopping Centers in collaboration with Gfk across Turkey, we were granted the “the most liked and preferred brand” award in the men’s wear category as well as many other respected awards. We continue to work and produce with our human resources and technological infrastructure. 

Could you talk about the collaboration process that has been going on for many years with Nebim? 

We have been using the Nebim retail application since the first edition. In the retail industry, we need to take rapid action in response to changing and evolving processes. Nebim has offered us fast and quality service on this matter for many years. Nebim’s retail system grew and developed with us. As a company, we also contributed to Nebim retail system’s development.

You preferred Nebim V3 as the ERP solution for your brands and companies that are active in the retail industry. Could you tell us about your reasons for preferring Nebim V3 in this period when your domestic and international operations are expanding?

Nebim V3’s country-adjustable structure, multi-lingual support (data language and application language), and enhanced retail experience technologies comply with our objectives. We decided to proceed with Nebim V3 since we think it is the application that produces the most added value for us.

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