Prevent loss and unauthorized wastage by accessing real time information on sub-contracted work and on the production line. Create barcode systems for your production departments as needed.

You can establish a scalable structure based on different barcode tracking for various bunches, lots, work in progress and work orders. Batched and work in progress (semi-finished) barcodes can be used together and in an integrated way. You can create a production control system as per your departments’ needs with different barcode types for each department.

Accompanying barcodes, semi-finished goods barcodes and similar barcode systems can be used to collect online data with speed and accuracy.

You can work independently of platforms using the web interface and perform online integration with sub-contractor workshops. Using the web interface, via hand held terminals or a PC, you can work independently of the platform. Online and controlled data entry is possible and you can also include sub-contractor workshops into this system.

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