Estimate your upfront costs of production and compare with actual costs; prepare them using as many prices and currencies as needed; develop your prescriptions and your technical brochures.

Thanks to the parametric structure, you can construct different early stage cost estimates according to need. Raw material, labor and other expenses can be specified flexibly; in addition to using daily rates of foreign exchange you can also use seasonally fixed foreign exchange rates too. Dynamic cost calculation options allow for as many cost calculations as are needed.

You can construct more than one data tree to suit the firm’s manufacturing type. You can also specify all the areas you need for the technical brochures in the stock cards and prescription screens. Furthermore, different production routes for different product groups can be determined; and technical specifications can be downloaded automatically from the system. Technical specifications and all of the production instructions can be designed as needed. Format templates can be designed for all your needs including measurement tables, sewing and other production instructions, loading and packaging instructions, lists of requirements, etc.

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