Manage your work flow processes such as orders, reservations, shipping orders, dispatch notes and invoices, which can be differentiated based on warehouse. Check the shortages based on warehouses.

You can define different work flow rules such as received orders, reservations, shipping orders, product collection, dispatch note or invoice creating for each warehouse. These work flow rules can be made mandatory. This lets you prevent errors in work flow processes and allows you to assume control and inspection.

Using the warehouse template, you can create orders and reservations from multiple warehouses. Within the warehouse template, you can prioritize the warehouses in different offices. You can use the Take Order and Reserve, as well as the Take Order and Reserve (including products that are going to arrive) programs for the relevant warehouse templates. For orders and reservations, you can have the warehouses checked in the priority order set in the template, and have the reservations made from different warehouses.

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