Receive wholesale customer payments online by credit card

Toptan Müşteri Online Ödeme

You can receive online payments from wholesale customers by credit card. Even if your customer doesn't have a balance, you can nevertheless receive pre-payments from them, and you can obtain payments from the portal you will create for your customers, as well as produce reports on their balance and statements. You can also use your previously established virtual POS's for your wholesale collections.

Toptan Müşteri Online Ödeme

Wholesale Customer Online Payments Workflow

You can vary your wholesale customer online payment parameters to define balance / statement forms and type of currency to be received. You can nominate the company official who will be authorised to pay on the wholesale customer card. The authorized official for making payments on the wholesale customer card can be assigned as an online payment user.

Toptan Müşteri Online Ödeme

Wholesale Customer Online Payments

With the wholesale customer online payment screen, customers can pay online by seeing the current amount of their debt. With the statement report, customers can check their historical date-based payments and see what the balance due is on the balance report.

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