Create processes to the level of detail required and authorize them. Manage any revisions and delays in the work order and manufacturing processes efficiently.

You can draw up different process flows according to different types of production process and process plans according to different types of manufacturing undertaken. The product groups, the level of complexity and the units ordered are some of the parameters according to which you can create process schedules. You can develop operations and work flows for each sub-operation too.

You can enable authorization and monitoring per user and per process, thereby gaining the ability to monitor and analyze all past transactions on justified process revisions. You can identify the processes over which users are to be authorized and create an authorization system with authorized users. Authorization can be made on a detailed, per transaction basis.

Designing process reports to meet your requirements is also possible with automatic email alerts generated when processes fall behind schedule. Ongoing and completed work monitoring is possible in visuals and email alerts for work that is about to come on line or is delayed can be prepared. At the same time, you can analyze the processes in the format that you desire.

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