Manage your banking transactions in a controlled manner with bank credit card POS returns, banking transactions in MT940 format, bank credits, and payment instructions to banks.

Banking Transactions and MT940 Integration

You can define all the banks and branches that you work with and easily obtain reports on your financial transactions with each one of them. For instance, you can carry out and report transactions such as bank opening slips, money deposit and withdrawal, money transfers, incoming transfers/EFT, outgoing transfers/EFT. In addition, you can automatically include your banking transactions into Nebim V3 using MT940 file format and have them entered into the relevant accounts.

Nebim V3 MT940 Integration

You can customize rules according to the explanation field in the file from the bank. With the rule that you have created, you can have the explanation field to be checked against the explanation field in the file and in case an appropriate rule is found, the selected bank transaction slip will be entered into the relevant current account. In case no appropriate rule is found, you can have the current account found in the MT940 file in accordance with the account information of the other party.

Bank POS Credit Card Integration

The funds to be received from the bank for credit card POS is automatically calculated by the program according to the due date rules parameter. The return file from the bank can be transferred to Nebim V3 in a certain format. This allows you to compare these amounts with the amounts calculated by the program and manage the differences. You can easily calculate retrospectively according to changing bank commission rates.

Bank Account Integration with CloudCollection

You can create filters for current account cards or expense account codes to be transferred to CloudCollection system. Current account and expense account cards can be sent and monitored with the company code current account and bookkeeping accounts assigned by CloudCollection based on the created filters.

Using Nebim V3 Online Banking Service and without a file transfer, you can create bank activities automatically and monitor the balance information of the company’s bank accounts on Nebim V3 ERP on the same page.

Direct Debit System (DDS)

Thanks to the DDS integration with Akbank, Is Bankasi, Yapı&Kredi and Turk EkonomiBankasi, you can assign DDS account codes to customer cards by selecting the necessary parameters for companies using this integration.

The DDS limits defined by the banks for their customers can be transferred to Nebim V3 ERP and the customer cards can be updated.

With the DDS limit control, you can carry out shipment order transactions and send the invoices based on the approved shipment orders to the bank.

Monitoring Bank Loans

You can monitor all the loans awarded to you from the banks using different credit types such as discount/purchase credit, revolving credit, spot loan; with various collaterals such as checks, bonds, or no collateral; and by entering information such as due date, interest, KKDF (resource utilization support fund), BSMV (banking and insurance transaction tax) and commission rates. You can approve bank loans and make the payments for due loan installments, and monitor these amounts by subtracting them from the principal amount.

Bank Payment Orders

Bank payment orders can automatically be created and sent according to pre-set formats by using the selected filters. The payment information received from the banks regarding the payments made in your name by the bank in relation with these payment orders can be received in the same format into Nebim V3, and they can be automatically entered into the relevant accounts.

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