Avoid quality control issues by mapping out fabric roll defects with the four-point system and fabric roll machine integrated quality inspections.

You can develop inspection procedures for different product groups and according to the four-point system of quality inspection. Furthermore, you can perform assessments by calculating four-point system inspection results, and can track acceptances and rejections on the system. Different inspection groups can be established.

You can integrate fabric rolling machines into your workflow to transfer data online. By working on an integrated basis with the fabric quality inspection device using the four-point system, you can enter defect definitions and instant quantities on the touch screen. Defect types can be designed according to the raw material group codes. You can track acceptances and rejections of fabrics and accessories as well as visual and physical inspections on the system. Dispatch note based quality inspections can be tracked, and quality inspection results based on stock codes, suppliers and raw materials groups can be reported on. You can also design fabric roll inspection labels.

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